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3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
  • 3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
  • 3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
  • 3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
  • 3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin

3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin

To introduce our Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin collection, we’ve various sizes varying according to your requirements. These pedal bins are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel which symbolizes sturdiness and aesthetics in any location. 
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3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can pedal bin

To introduce our Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin collection, we’ve various sizes varying according to your requirements. These pedal bins are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel which symbolizes sturdiness and aesthetics in any location. By just stepping on the convenient pedal, you can discard waste without having to touch it with your hands thereby ensuring a clean and healthy environment. You can select the most suitable trash bin among various sizes starting from 3 liters up to 30 liters for use at home, offices or commercial places. The shiny design made of stainless steel is perfect on any interior while inner buckets that can be detached make waste disposal and cleaning work more effortless than ever before. To make a cleaner and more orderly atmosphere, enhance your waste management by affording our Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bins.

Advantage of copper trash can

● A foot-operated stainless steel pedal cans is made from high-quality stainless steel is available in 6 sizes 3litre 5litre 7litre 12litre 20litre and the larger 30litre. The foot operated pedal means you can use the bin hands-free, each bin has an easily removable handled insert for easy emptying and cleaning.

● With the automatic slow down function makes it silent closed and keep it long term use life.

● Customization color such as metal color,black, white, bronze color for you choose.

● Satin/Mirror/Brass/Copper/chrome plated or any color coated creates a rich, elegant look for your Home solution.

● Stainless steel or iron material acceptable which keep it in rust proof Waste Bin.

● Additional feature options choosing by yourself: soft close lid, anti-fingerprint steel barrel, bottom EVA mat and more.

Copper Trash Can Parameter

  • Item No.:YY-PB1001

  • Size:3L,5L,7L,12L,20L,30L

  • Metal: Stainless Steel, Iron & PP

  • Finished:Mirror Or Sanding Finished, Customization

  • Color:Mirror Silver, Sanding Silver, Brass, Rose Gold, Customization

  • Sample: Available

stainless steel trash can pedal bin 5

Appilcation of  Copper Trash Can 

  • Kitchen: While a copper trash can brings in the idea of beauty and class to the kitchen décor, it also collects refuse in the kitchen. It goes well with different types of kitchens such as traditional, modern and farmhouse among others and can be placed in strategic places like under the sink or near the counter top to allow quick access.

  • Bathroom: In bathrooms, there is a role played by copper garbage cans that serves both as elegant decors and practical ways for disposing things like used tissues, cotton balls and packaging materials. Its glossy design combined with metallic finishing matches bathroom interior decoration as well as other copper or metallic details.

  • Office: In office settings, there is sophistication brought by copper garbage cans when used at workspaces, conference rooms or reception areas. It makes an office look plush while keeping it clean and organized.

  • Bedroom: Copper trash cans may be found in bedrooms where tissues are thrown away after use together with some wrappers and packets. This beautiful appearance allows one to place them anywhere in their room depending on how they would like their houses to look.

  • Living Room: A copper trash can is therefore considered an important accessory especially when people are having parties or whatever group events done inside homes because it acts as a receptacle for waste produced during such occasions. The metallic finish adds glamour to space with its connections to other interior embellishments.

  • Outdoor Spaces: Some outdoor fittings are designed just for these locations such patios decks or gardens; they are referred to as outdoor trash cans made of pure copper. These dustbins which withstand all sort of weather changes make perfect outdoor trash containers during picnics or any other kind of public meetings held outside.

  • Commercial Spaces: In hotels, restaurants, retail stores etc., you will find bins made from this metal which are intended for public uses within the premises e.g., lobbies washrooms customer service sections etc., besides enhancing looks around being maintained functional features of litter management system.

Copper Trash Can FAQ

Are copper trash cans expensive?

Due to the cost of copper, copper trash cans can be more expensive than plastic or stainless steel alternatives.

Can copper trash cans be used in bathrooms?

Yes, copper trash cans can be used in bathrooms for waste disposal.

Are copper trash cans waterproof?

Copper trash cans are not waterproof but can resist water damage.

Do copper trash cans have handles?

Some copper trash cans have handles to make transporting and emptying easier.

Are copper trash cans antibacterial?

Copper has natural antibacterial properties that help reduce the growth of bacteria and germs.

Does the copper trash can have a pedal for hands-free operation?

Some copper trash cans come with a pedal for hands-free opening, making them ideal for kitchens and high-traffic areas.

Can copper trash cans be used in offices?

Yes, copper bins can be used in offices to dispose of paper, food wrappers and other waste.

Are copper trash cans resistant to stains?

Copper trash cans are generally resistant to staining, but regular cleaning is recommended to maintain their appearance.

Do copper trash cans have ventilation holes?

Some copper trash cans have vents that allow air to circulate and reduce odors.

Can copper trash cans be painted or coated?

While copper trash cans can be painted or coated, doing so may affect their natural appearance and durability.

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