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Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
  • Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
  • Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
  • Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
  • Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
  • Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin

Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin

Here is our Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin, a trendy and modern way to manage your waste. It is made from sturdy metal wire having a glossy copper coating that gives it contemporary feel in any living space. Its geometric design brings an exclusivity that makes it the much sought for item in your home or office décor.
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Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin

Here is our Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin, a trendy and modern way to manage your waste. It is made from sturdy metal wire having a glossy copper coating that gives it contemporary feel in any living space. Its geometric design brings an exclusivity that makes it the much sought for item in your home or office décor. This one has an open wire construction for air circulation and content viewability and ample room inside that can be filled with different garbage. An ideal pick for bedrooms, restrooms or home offices, this waste basket combines serviceability with fashion so that you still have your area tidy and well- arranged at all times.

Advantage of rose gold wire bin 

● Storage basket is made of rose gold plated metal. Use this wire basket to display your produce in style. Place this wastebasket on the bedroom, bathroom, study, laundry with a colorful display of Towel,paper or magazine that will decor your home. YesYing Factory specializes in producing the best in Storing, modern home decor and accessories from around the world. Awesome decorative garbage can with style! Open metal design. I kept in my office to hold my rolls of crafting vinyl.

● Customization color such as rose gold,black, white, bronze, metal color for you choose.

● Copper or Gold plated or any color coated creates a mordern look for your office.

● Stainless steel or iron material acceptable which keep it in rust proof open top waste bin.

Rose Gold Wire Bin Parameter

  • Item No.:YY-PB1028

  • Size:26 × 27.5cm

  • Metal: Stainless Steel, Iron

  • Finished:Copper Or Gold Plated, Powder Coated, Customization

  • Color:Rose Gold Or Gold, Black, White, Customization

  • Sample: Available

Appilcation of  Rose Gold Wire Bin 

  • Home Office: A rose gold wire bin stylishly enhances the aesthetics of a home office while solving the problem of documents,papers,magazines and office supplies’ disorganization. It can be placed on a desk, shelf or workstation where it would be accessed easily plus help in arranging them.

  • Bedroom: In bedrooms, place a rose colored metallic bin to store blankets, pillows and throw cushions as well as serve as decorative items. Its shiny surface provides an elegant touch to space and at the same time makes organizing easy and allows for quick access to things you need.

  • Living Room: For keeping magazines, books, remote controls and other living room necessities safely around, there is nothing better than having a rose gold wire bin in your living area. It improves one’s style of living while giving an option of stashing basic needs near by.

  • Bathroom: This simply means that you should buy more towels because its look really great when filled up with some amount of bathroom amenities. Bathroom becomes sophisticated after putting such kind of fashionable items which blend well with their color scheme.

  • Closet Organization: To organize shoes, scarves, accessories or purses in closets or wardrobe spaces use a gold wired basket. Since they are see-through baskets made from metal wires they allow air circulation through them apart from enabling us to spot whatever we want quickly.

  • Entryway or Mudroom: If homeowners opt for using this type of baskets inside entryways or mudrooms then any pet accessories, shoe pairs as well as umbrellas will find their place here thereby creating a nice design element that prevents cluttering your hallway with all kinds of stuffs.

  • Home Decor: People primarily purchase these bins for purposes other than just being practical. They can stand alone like décor pieces or hold faux plants,candles or some decorative spheres

Rose Gold Wire Bin FAQ

Can rose gold wire trash cans be used to store toys?

Yes, rose gold trash cans can be used to store toys, books, and other children's items.

Are rose gold thread trash cans environmentally friendly?

Yes, rose gold wire bins can be recycled at the end of their life, making them very environmentally friendly.

Can rose gold wire trash cans be used in offices?

Yes, rose gold wire bins are perfect for organizing paperwork, office supplies, and other essentials in an office environment.

Is a rose gold wire box suitable for storing crafts?

Yes, rose gold thread bins can be used to store crafting supplies like yarn, fabric, and ribbons.

Can the rose gold wire trash can be customized?

While customization options may be limited, some rose gold wire boxes may allow for personalization with labels or decals.

Are rose gold thread trash cans scratch-resistant?

Rose gold wire trash cans are durable, but may show signs of wear over time and heavy use.

Can rose gold wire bins be used for gift baskets?

Yes, rose gold filigree bins can be used as decorative gift baskets for special occasions like weddings or birthdays.

More Detail about Rose Gold Wire Bin 


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