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Introducing our comprehensive line of waste management solutions, featuring the versatile Trash Can!

Whether you need a compact ten-gallon trash can with a lid for your kitchen or a collapsible garbage can that you can store easily, we have what you need. We offer two recycling containers and two recycling bins to facilitate sorting of recyclables, and outdoor camping trash can for disposal of wastes when in the wild.

For outdoor usage, we have strong outdoor garbage cans with wheels that lock firmly, ensuring secure containment and easy maneuverability. Mesh garbage can and mesh trashcan provide contemporary appeal; they are ideal for any modern space.

You may improve your exterior setting through an attractive looking outdoor patio trash can or beautiful outdoor patio waste basket in different designs that match your own style. On the other hand, dual plastic bin is good for commercial environments or households which generate large amounts of rubbish.

Our garage trashcans and garage wastebasket are designed especially for use in garages or workshops where heavy-duty applications demand durability. The green waste paper basket or green wastebin options implies ecological concern in provision of eco friendly junk management measures.

From well-equipped kitchens to open spaces beyond walls, all sorts of waste cans are available such as 13 gallon no lid trash can, truck trashcan and decorative outside garbages -- meaning neatness is always at hand.

Seek reliability, practicality and beauty from our wide range of litter management products like wire bin. Upgrading your disposal system starts by having Trash Can.

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From basic kitchen Trash Can, such as 13-gallon Trash Can, to outdoor options like camp trash Trash Can, we have a wide variety to meet any need.

3L 5L 7L 12L 20L 30L Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin
To introduce our Stainless Steel Trash Can Pedal Bin collection, we’ve various sizes varying according to your requirements. These pedal bins are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel which symbolizes sturdiness and aesthetics in any location.
Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin
Here is our Metal Geometric Copper Wire Waste Basket Bin, a trendy and modern way to manage your waste. It is made from sturdy metal wire having a glossy copper coating that gives it contemporary feel in any living space. Its geometric design brings an exclusivity that makes it the much sought for item in your home or office décor.
Manufacturing Mini Desk Trash Can With Push Lid
The Mini Desk Trash Can with Push Lid is a small but effective choice for keeping your workspace clean. The mini dustbin, made of durable and quality plastic material, can be placed on the table without any inconvenience. Its system of lids which you need to push makes dirtiness invisible, and it looks pure.
Countertop Compost Bin For Kitchen
To decrease waste, eco-minded families should consider buying the Countertop Compost Bin for Kitchen. Constructed in a way that combines style with usefulness, this compost bin is made of high quality stainless steel which makes it strong and odor resistant.
Kitchen Compost Bin Caddy Bucket With Lid And Wood Handle
Item No.:YY-PB1024 Size:20×12.5x25cm Metal:Galvanized Steel Finished:Powder Coated, Customization Color:Grey, Black, Cream, Customization Sample: Available
Small 3L White Pedal Bin With PP Liner
It is a small white pedal bin with a PP liner that measures 3L and it can be used to dispose of waste in any room. It has been made out of plastic which is very strong and long lasting; it comes with an inner lining that can be removed for cleaning and easy maintenance.
Brass Trash Can With Lid
An elegant touch of refinement is brought out by the Antique Luxury Gold Brass Trash Can with Lid in any room. This trash can, which is made from brass that has been highly polished and given an antique gold finish, expresses the unending features of gracefulness and affluence.
Stainless Steel Garbage Can With Foot Pedal
Efficient waste disposal is guaranteed by the combination of the Stainless Steel Garbage Can with Foot Pedal’s functionality, durability and modern design. The garbage can is made from high-quality stainless steel, offering a sleek and hygienic option for houses, business places and offices.
Manufacturing Metal White Marble Garbage Can With Foot Pedal
Item No.:YY-PB1006 Size:3L,5L,7L,12L,20L,30L Metal: Stainless Steel, Iron & PP, Decals Finished:Any decals surface,powder coated, Customization Color:White/Black Marble, Brown, Customization Sample: Available
Manufacturing 3L 5L 12L 20L 30L Pink Metal Modern Garbage Can
Item No.:YY-PB1005 Size:3L,5L,12L,20L,30L Metal: Stainless Steel, Iron & PP Finished:Mirror Or Sanding Finished,Powder Coated, Customization Color:Mirror Silver, Sanding Silver, Rose Gold/Pink, Grey, Customization Sample: Available
Stainless Steel Pedal Bin Trash Can With Arched Lid
tem No.:YY-PB1004 Size:3L,5L,12L,20L,30L Metal: Stainless Steel, Iron & PP Finished:Mirror Or Sanding Finished,Powder Coated Customization Color:Mirror Silver, Sanding Silver, Blue, Grey, Customization Sample: Available

We merge green technology and superior technologies to come up with hardy solutions for garbage management. Our knowledge guarantees that all the Trash Can we make are of high standard and efficient.

How to keep raccoons out of Trash Can?

Secure your Trash Can lids with bungee cords or invest in locking lids to deter raccoons. Additionally, consider storing Trash Can in a garage or shed until pickup day to prevent access.

How to deodorize a Trash Can?

Sprinkle baking soda or cat litter in the bottom of your Trash Can to absorb odors. Alternatively, place a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place it in the Trash Can for a fresh scent.

How to prevent Trash Can smells?

Avoid unpleasant odors by regularly emptying your Trash Can, using liners, and disposing of food waste properly. Consider using odor-absorbing products like charcoal bags or baking soda.

How to keep flies away from Trash Can?

Keep Trash Can lids tightly closed and clean up spills promptly to deter flies. You can also place a few drops of essential oils like citronella or lavender around the rim to repel flies.

How to choose a durable Trash Can?

Look for Trash Can made from sturdy materials like stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic. Reinforced lids and handles are also important for durability, especially in high-traffic areas.

How to stop Trash Can from tipping over?

Place heavy items at the bottom of the Trash Can to weigh it down and prevent tipping. You can also anchor the Trash Can to a nearby wall or fence for added stability.

How to store Trash Can outside?

Store Trash Can in a designated area away from direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Consider building or purchasing a Trash Can enclosure to keep them secure and organized.

How to repair a broken Trash Can lid?

Depending on the type of damage, you may be able to repair a broken Trash Can lid with adhesive, duct tape, or replacement parts. If the damage is severe, consider replacing the lid altogether.

How to recycle a Trash Can?

Many recycling centers accept old Trash Can made of plastic or metal. Check with your local recycling facility for guidelines on how to properly dispose of large items like Trash Can.

How to paint a Trash Can?

Clean the surface of the Trash Can thoroughly, then apply a coat of primer designed for metal or plastic surfaces. Once dry, use spray paint or outdoor paint to add color and protection.

How to keep ants out of Trash Can?

Keep Trash Can clean and dry to deter ants, and avoid leaving food scraps exposed. You can also create a barrier around the base of the Trash Can using diatomaceous earth or cinnamon powder.

How to make a Trash Can compost bin?

Convert a Trash Can into a compost bin by drilling holes in the bottom for drainage and aeration. Layer green and brown compost materials inside, such as kitchen scraps and yard waste, and turn regularly for optimal decomposition.

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