Quality Fruit Basket
Expert Steel Wire Product Supplier
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Quality Fruit Basket
Expert Steel Wire Product Supplier
OEM Manufacturer and ODM Factory
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What We Do?

Established in 2014, Xinhui Daze Yesying Hardware Factory is an experienced manufacturer of the metal wire products and stainless steel products for home use. Our fruit baskets, egg basket, spice rack, wine rack, paper towel holder, shower caddy, over the door hooks, pedal bins are supplied to department stores, super market retailers, wholesale distributor, importer and E-commerce store all over the world. As a final end factory in supply chain, we also provide customization service, which enables us to meet our customer’s diversified needs and makes it possible to ship different ranges in one lot. Our R&D team are dedicated to develop innovative, stylish and practical products so as to keep pace with the market trends.

Established in the year 2014
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Factory building occupies around 3,000 square metres.



Yesying Hardware Factory is focus on developing and manufacturing stainless steel and metal wire products.


Yesying Hardware Factory’s good control on short production time helps customer win the market occupation.


Small quantity is acceptable for bulk production.


Yesying Hardware Factory is complied with BSCI and has a professional team to carry out the efficient quality control in mass production.


Metal wire baskets produced by Yesying Factory are safe for food contact.


Yesying Hardware Factory provides customization service with diversified options of material, finish and packaging to meet with your demand..

Featured Product

Metal Wire Basket

Yesying Hardware Factory produces various designs of fruit baskets, egg baskets, storage basket for kitchen, farmhouse, countertop, tabletop, restaurant, hotel, garden and so on. Yesying’s metal basket includes fresh fruit baskets, decorative basket, bread basket, 2 Tier fruit basket, Two Tier Fruit bowl, 3 Tier standing fruit and vegetable basket, round wire basket, oval fruit basket, square fruit basket, grid fruit basket, wire mesh fruit basket, wire hanging fruit basket, metal fruit basket with banana hanger, pantry storage baskets, wire bins, chicken wire egg basket, vintage egg basket, organizer bins, wire bins, baskets for shelves, under shelf storage basket, closet storage baskets, wall mounted wire basket, cabinet pulling basket, folding basket, detachable basket, stacking wire basket, and so on. Yesying is capable to manufacture custom steel basket or stainless steel basket according to clients’ request. We process the basket by powder coating like black wire baskets, white wire baskets, rustic wire basket, or electroplating like gold wire basket, rose gold fruit basket. Welcome to send artwork or drawing to us for new development and customization. 

Kitchen Rack

Yesying Hardware Factory supplies different designs of kitchen racks, including vegetable rack, dish rack, 2 tier dish drainer, 3 Tier dis drying rack, stainless steel dish rack ,vegetable rack, wall mounted spice rack , hanging spice rack ,spice organizer, 3 tier spice rack kitchen towel holder, paper towel holder, over the sink shelf, pantry door organizer, cutlery drainer, utensil rack, utensil rack, utensil holder, free stand shelves, sink caddy, wine racks, wall mounted wine rack, under cabinet wine rack ,wine bottle holder and so on. Yesying is manufacturing custom steel rack or stainless steel rack as per clients’ request. We could make the metal storage shelves with wooden handle and process by powder coating, like bronze sponge holder, white spice rack, grey dish rack; or by electroplating like chrome sink caddy, rose gold utensil holder, gold wine rack. We could evaluation according to the required specification. 

Bathroom Shelves and Storage

Yesying Hardware Factory is manufacturing many kinds of metal wire bathroom racks for shower storage, including Nordic shower caddy, corner shower caddy, Ameican hanging shower caddy, shower shelf, shower stand, shower shampoo holder, suction shower caddy, shower basket, over the door shower caddy, shower hanger, mesh shower caddy, wall mounted shower caddy, 2 tier or 3 tier bathroom caddy, no drilling adhesive shower caddy, spa towel, over the door hook, and more metal wire shower organizer. We also produce the toilet paper roll holder for toilet or washroom use. To make the bathroom organizer different, we process many surface treatments: powder coating or electroplating. Our black shower caddy, rose gold shower caddy, gold shower caddy and stainless steel shower caddy are very popular. To match the practical usage, we also supply the metal pedal bins, stainless steel trash can, coloured waste bins for bathroom. Bundle purchasing will be more flexible and cost-effective.