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Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps
  • Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps
  • Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps
  • Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps
Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps
Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps
Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps

Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps

Introducing our wire bottle rack, a stylish and functional storage solution for your wine collection. Made from durable wire material, this shelf features a simple yet modern design that blends seamlessly into any space.
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Trend Raw Steel Wine Rack With Leather Straps

Introducing our wire bottle rack, a stylish and functional storage solution for your wine collection. Made from durable wire material, this shelf features a simple yet modern design that blends seamlessly into any space.

Our wire bottle rack features an open wire construction for easy viewing and access to your favorite bottles. The compact design makes it perfect for countertops, cabinets, or pantry shelves, maximizing storage space while keeping your bottles organized and within reach.

This rack features a sturdy steel wire construction that provides reliable support for your bottles, ensuring they stay securely in place. Whether you're a wine lover or just starting your collection, our wire bottle racks offer a stylish and efficient way to store and display your favorite wines.

Advantages of Wire Bottle Rack

● A trendy metal Wine Rack suitable for 10 bottles that are carried by luxurious leather look straps.The wine rack is made of black coated raw metal and therefore very stable. We could customized the metal size. 5.5mm/6.5mm/7.5mm/8.5mm or any gauge for your choice.This Wine Rack features a Mid-Century Modern design with an industrial twist. Available with a Black Steel finish complemented by Leather straps that hold the wine bottles. Can hold up to 10 bottles of wine.

● Customization color such as black, white, bronze, metal color color for you choose.

● Powder coated finished creates a rich, elegant look for your home.

● High quality iron material acceptable which keep it in rust proof black metal wine rack.

● Easy to use without any extra tooling.

Wire Bottle Rack Parameter

  • Item No.:YY-WH1004

  • Size:36x24x60cm, Customization

  • Metal: Stainless Steel, Iron & Leather

  • Finished:Powder Coated,Copper/Chrome/Gold Plated, Customization

  • Color:Black,Bronze,Brown,Customization

  • Sample: Available

Application scenarios of Wire Bottle Rack

  • Home Wine Cellar: Wire bottle racks are a popular choice for home wine cellars or dedicated wine storage areas. They provide efficient storage for wine bottles while providing easy access and organization. These racks can be customized to fit the available space and accommodate different bottle sizes.

  • Kitchen Storage: In residential kitchens, wire bottle racks are often mounted on storage cabinets or pantry racks and are used to store and organize wine bottles. They help maximize vertical storage space and keep wine bottles organized for easy access when preparing meals or entertaining.

  • Bars and Home Bars: Wire bottle racks are often used in bars, home bars, or bar counters to create a stylish bottle display. They can be wall mounted or countertop mounted to showcase a selection of wines and add decorative flair to the bar area.

  • Retail Wine Display: Retailers such as wine stores, liquor stores, and grocery stores use wire bottle racks to attractively display wine bottles for customers to browse and purchase. These racks can be configured in a variety of layouts and sizes to accommodate different bottle shapes and display preferences.

  • Restaurants and Bars: Restaurants and bars often use wire bottle racks behind the bar or in the dining area to store and display wine bottles. These racks allow servers and bartenders to easily access bottles while providing a visually appealing display for customers.

  • Wine Tasting Events: Use wire bottle racks at wine tasting events, festivals and wine shows to display wine bottles for tasting and tasting. They help organizers showcase a variety of wines while keeping bottles organized and available to attendees.

  • Hotel Room Amenities: Some hotels and resorts offer in-room amenities such as minibars or beverage stations with wire bottle racks to hold bottles. These wine racks provide wine guests with a convenient storage solution, keeping bottles chilled and easily accessible during their stay.

  • Catering and Event Services: Catering companies and event planners often use wire bottle racks to set up pop-up bars or beverage stations at weddings, parties, and corporate events. These wine racks can be quickly shipped and assembled to provide guests with functional and stylish wine serving.

  • Wine Storage Facilities: Professional wine storage facilities and warehouses utilize wire bottle racks to organize and store clients’ wine collections. These wine racks can be stacked or arranged in rows to maximize storage capacity and efficiently manage large volumes of wine bottles.

Wire Bottle Rack FAQ

What types of bottles can a wire bottle rack hold?

Wire bottle racks are versatile and can hold a variety of bottle types, including wine bottles, champagne bottles, white wine bottles, olive oil bottles, and vinegar bottles, depending on the size and design of the bottle rack.

What are the different styles of wire bottle racks?

Wire bottle racks come in a variety of styles, including countertop bottle racks, wall-mounted bottle racks, floor-standing bottle racks, stackable bottle racks, and modular bottle racks that can be customized and expanded to fit a specific space.

Are wire bottle racks stable and safe?

Yes, wire bottle racks are typically designed to be stable and secure, providing a reliable storage solution for bottles while minimizing the risk of tipping or shaking.

Can wire bottle racks be used in a wine cellar or wine room?

Yes, wire bottle racks are commonly used in wine cellars, wine rooms, and wine storage areas to organize and display wine collections efficiently. They maximize space efficiency and provide easy access to bottles.

Are wire bottle racks easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, wire bottle racks are generally easy to clean and maintain. Regular dusting and occasional wiping with a damp cloth is usually enough to keep them looking clean and well-maintained.

Can wire bottle racks be used for display?

Yes, wire bottle racks can be used for display purposes to display wine bottles in a bar, restaurant, tasting room, or retail location. They add a decorative element while allowing easy browsing and selection of bottles.


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