Bread Basket

Types of Bread Basket

With the advanced material and technology, the bread basket is not only for holding the bread but also used for serving food and condiments. The design can be as simple or as fancy as you like, with or without handles, as a single or double basket, with or without dividers. You can also design your own shape and size as per your need. The material and surface are both food-grade and safe for use in the kitchen.

Round Wire Bread Basket: Made of steel or stainless steel wire, this is a popular choice as it is sturdy and stable on the table. They are lightweight and durable. They are also often used at buffets where they are frequently turned over. It also allows you to easily remove the bread without tearing it. This type of basket is also a good choice as it is easy to clean and will not get damaged easily.

Strap Iron Bread Basket: It is a bit heavier and sturdier than circular wire bread baskets. They’re great for bread, pastries and other items that need a little more support. This style of bread basket is great for breads that are sliced or crusty in nature, like baguettes or croissants, because the heavier construction ensures that they stay in place while you’re serving them to your guests. It’s also a nice option for when you have a lot of heavy items like large roasts or turkeys that need to be served with some sort of holder, but don’t necessarily need to be placed on the table directly. It is one of the most iconic pieces of breadbasket ware. This heavy, circular metal basket is often used to serve up sliced bread, but is adaptable enough to serve other foods, too.  Making it a popular choice for serving up sliced bread at picnics and barbecues. The strap iron breadbasket is also a great shape for holding other foods, such as cheese or olives, which means you can serve up a complete meal without having to purchase a separate container.

Bread Basket Cloth or Canvas: Yesying has been working with a registered China factory that specializes in making premium quality, food-grade canvas and cloth for preparing and serving bread. This reduces the time and cost required to source materials, while providing the same premium quality bread basket. Any colour can be customized to suit your brand’s image and specifications.

The shape and size of the breadbasket can be customized to meet the customers’ requirements. The custom design breadbasket can be with the cloth or canvas, for food contact safe. Yesying can produce all the breadbaskets with strong and sturdy material and process the rustproof surface treatment. Any custom colour is available.

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Bread Basket