Paper Stand Holder

Types of Paper Stand Holder

Yesying factory manufacture different style paper holder. Like the freestanding paper roll stand with phone holder, bath towel stand, embossing metal toilet roll stand, different decals pattern with the tissue roll holder and more.

Applied with diversified material like bamboo/wood/marble to combine with iron/steel/stainless steel wire/flat steel/tube/bead to achieve the storage organizers for home decor. We satisfied to different with our diversified paper stand.

Toilet Roll Stand– With the toilet paper holder,  you will have 2-4 spare rolls for use in toilet and avoid the embarrassing when the paper roll is used up at the toilet time.  It convenient our life deeply.

Yesying factory product different style metal organizer for the toilet roll paper, such as the toilet roll with magazine holder, freestanding tube toilet roll holder with bamboo/wood base, the assembly design and customization design is available.

Freestanding Bath Towel Holder –Yesying hardware factory provide the bar towel stand, the durable design with bamboo/wood, marble base. The diversified material always keeps the superior quality.

As toilet roll stand suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of tissue roll stand, bath towel stand R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation! If you want to buy the tissue roll holder, standing bath towel stand, welcome to ask for the catalog and select the paper stand you are interested in.

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Paper Stand Holder