Creative Banana Hammock Fruit Holder Indoor Basket Swing Tiered Fruit And Vegetable Stand

Decorative Fruit Baskets



Product  name: chrome plated fruit basket home swing decoration


Model number:  YY-FB1032, YY-FB1120


Material: Iron


Finish: chrome plated, customized


Size: L32.5xW27xH45cm, L29.5xW22xH16cm




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Making 2 designs of this metal swinging basket, they are 1 tier hanging basket swing and 2 tier fruit bowl which being our current and competitive basket swing with stand.

With its lovely hammock fruit baskets design and creative kitchen fruit hammock design makes it become the competitive swing hanging basket.

This indoor basket swing looks like a boat make it a cute appearance and it will become your home decorative macrame hanging fruit best choose

The dismountable design metal fruit basket good advantage is the metal hanging fruit basket package area and it can help you save the shipping cost and shipping area, adding the advantage of overall product price competitiveness.

The banana hammock fruit hold is perfect for fruit storage, snack collection, vegetable baskets, fast food holders, finger food baskets, and more.

This hammock fruit baskets is not only used as the fruit and vegetable storage baskets but also can use for the bathroom ware storage, we can put the small bottle, such as cream, hand towel, soap, shampoo and so on.

Our outdoor basket swing is perfectly fittable in the kitchen table, countertop, dining room table, shelf, bar counter, bathroom counter and suitable for kitchen, living room, dining room, reception, bathroom, office, canteen, picnic, indoor and outdoor decorative area……

Blue, cream, green, orange basket and custom hamper are available.



Common surface treatment: powder coating, chrome plated, nickel finish.

Common product: wire baskets(fruit baskets, egg baskets, vegetable baskets…), shower caddy, wine holder, mug tree, spice rack, sink caddy, cutlery holder, toilet roll stand, menu holder, over the door hook, candle holder, trivet…

Use life: Under the dry indoor area, the use life year is 1 year.

Stainless steel 

Stainless steel is divided into many kinds, different kinds of useful life are different.

Common material: ss304#, ss201#, ss430#

Common product: bathroom shelf, shower caddy, trash can, toilet roll holder, mixing bowl…

Use life:  Under the dry indoor area,  the use life of ss304# and  ss201# is 2 yeas,  1 year for ss430#.


💟 In the bathroom shelf material selection is recommended to choose 304# or 201# stainless steel it can prolong the use life of the bathroom shelf.

💟 To ensure that the metal surface is permanently bright and not corroded, we recommend:

1. The surface of stainless steel or iron must be cleaned and scrubbed frequently to remove attachments and dirt.

2. Stainless steel 304# material should be used in a seaside area, which can resist corrosion of seawater.

3. Some stainless steel material chemical compositions on the market can not meet the corresponding national standards and can not meet the requirements of 304 material. Therefore, it will also cause rust, which requires household product wholesalers , home decor suppliers ,online home use product importers to carefully choose the products of reputable manufacturers.

It is such a functional hanging wire baskets for kitchen and can be a shiness gift for a housewarming gift, best christmas presents,holiday gifts for employees,christmas eve gift, Thanksgiving holiday, mum christmas gifts and more.