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Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
  • Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
  • Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
  • Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
  • Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
  • Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray
Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray

Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray

Our Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack with Tray has been created as a response to this problem. It is made of durable chrome-plated steel, which makes it not only useful, but also attractive. The two-tier design allows for drying of plates .It can hold your dishes and glasses in the top tier and utensils at the bottom tier.
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Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack With Tray

Our Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack with Tray has been created as a response to this problem. It is made of durable chrome-plated steel, which makes it not only useful, but also attractive. The two-tier design allows for drying of plates .It can hold your dishes and glasses in the top tier and utensils at the bottom tier.The tray is removable so that you can empty the water from it into the sink, and it keeps counters dry. These racks have a sleek chrome finish that matches any kitchen’s décor making them look elegant. Since they are compactly designed but with enough room to be functional, these are ideal dish racks meant for small kitchens or apartments. Our Chrome 2 Tier Dish Rack with Tray will keep your kitchen clean and tidy.


Advantage of Iron 2 Tier Dish Rack 

● High Quality Material: Crafted of heavy duty high-graded chrome plated iron and comes, more strong endurance, surface using polishing treatment, smooth surface.All-in-One Space-Saving Design: Using less counter space! You can air dry and drain all your forks, spoons, plates, chopsticks, mugs, cups, glasses, bowls, pans and other table items with this dish drying racks.Double-Layer Large Dish Rack: The S-Shaped double layered dish organizing rack also can act as a shelf or cabinet to store plates and bowls! This large capacity double level rack is perfect for your counter top and letting bowls, cups, plates, and utensils air dry after being washed.

● Customization color such as black, white, bronze, metal color color for you choose.

● Chrome plated or any color coated creates a rich, elegant look for your toilet.

● Stainless steel or iron material acceptable which keep it in rust proof bathroom storage shelf.

● Includes 1 dish rack, 1 plastic draining tray and 1 utensil holder. Section to hold glasses. 2-tier design.

● Large Holding Capacity: The twin-size storage room has a 17 plates capacity, a side mounting mug stand for 6 cups, and a cutlery holder for all your kitchen utensils. The size accommodating is excellent for anything less than 16 inches.

Iron 2 Tier Dish Rack Parameter

  • Iron 2 Tier Dish Rack Parameter

  • Item No.:YY-DR1014

  • Size:55*25*39.5cm, 40.5*24*38cm

  • Metal: Iron Or Stainless Steel

  • Finished:Powder Coated, Gold/Copper/Chrome Plated,Customization

  • Color:Black,Gold,Bronze,Brown,Customization

  • Sample: Available

Appilcation of Iron 2 Tier Dish Rack

  • Dish Drying: The main purpose of the iron 2-tier dish rack is to allow dishes, utensils and kitchenware to dry after they are cleaned. It is a place where wet objects are placed so that they can be dried naturally and also helps in preventing water marks as well as aiding in faster drying.

  • Kitchen Organization: Another function of the dish rack is to arrange clean dishes and kitchenware systematically for ease of access. Each tier separates different types of items like plates, bowls cups or utensils hence encourages organization thus reducing countertop cluttering.

  • Space Optimization: By featuring two levels that it occupies in the kitchen, this dish rack makes it possible to save on vertical space. Limited kitchen top surfaces can accommodate this type of model which allows stacking up dishes and other kitchen equipment together.

  • Storage Solution: Besides just drying them after washing up, the dish rack acts as an interim storage place before they are taken away into cabinets or drawers. In case one needs them again, one will just take from the storage since they remain on the racks until then hence eliminating constant retrieval.

  • Meal Preparation: Also when getting ready food it could be a temporary storage for your dishes and utensils. For example, you could put some things on it during cooking so that you don’t need to keep searching for them around while you cook or serve meals.

  • Entertaining and Hosting: When hosting any function bringing together several people such parties, get-togethers etc., using this device becomes very handy whereby many sets of crockery and cutlery can be left at its disposal for drying purposes. Presence of clean ones throughout saves time spent during busy moments by avoiding additional wash-ups.

  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Besides these practical functionalities, a dish rack can improve upon general appeal within a kitchen setting. An attractive design or finish on an iron made 2-tiered dish rack adds beauty values thus making your house look classy.

Iron 2 Tier Dish Rack FAQ

What materials are iron 2-tier dish racks made of?

Iron two-tier dish racks are mainly made of iron or steel for durability and stability.

Is the iron 2-tier dish rack rust-proof?

Many iron two-tier dish racks are coated with a rust-resistant material or finish to prevent corrosion and ensure long-term use.

What sizes are available for the iron 2-tier dish rack?

Iron 2-tier dish racks come in a variety of sizes to suit different kitchen spaces and needs.

Can an iron 2-tier dish rack hold heavy items?

Yes, the iron 2-tier dish rack is designed to securely hold heavy dishes, pots and pans without bending or collapsing.

Is the iron 2-tier dish rack easy to assemble?

Most iron two-tier dish racks come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions and require minimal installation tools.

Can the Iron 2 Tier Dish Rack be used for air drying?

Yes, the iron 2-tier dish rack is suitable for air drying dishes, allowing proper airflow for fast and effective drying.

Does the Iron 2 Tier Dish Rack have a drip tray?

Some iron two-tier dish racks come with drip trays or drainage systems to collect excess water and prevent countertop clutter.

Can I use an iron two-tier dish rack in a small kitchen?

Yes, the iron 2-tier dish rack is compact in size and suitable for small kitchens or limited countertop space.

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