Yesying Iron Fruit Baskets Series

Our decorative-essential fruit basket makes a useful companion at harvest time. Sturdy iron and flat iron wire secures fresh-picked fruit, vegetables or flowers while allowing dust and water to fall through.

Bird Tree 2 Tier Produce Fruit Basket Banana Hook

Grain Coating 2 Tier Fruit Basket Diversified Server for Living Room Home Stanble

Not only fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, but also the bread can put into our wire baskets.

Some of our dismountable fruit baskets , like the 2/3 fruit baskets, it can disassembling to samll dimension which save the shipping fee as a fruit baskets wholesaler, supplier, supermarket/shop owner , especially the online selling markets.

3-Tier Countertop Fruit Basket Perfect for Fruit Vegetables Snacks Household Items

2 TierDiamond Cut Diversified Fruit Bowls

1 Tier Hammock Chrome Swinging Fruit Vegetable Bowl Basket

Perfect match with wooden/bamboo material, it full use of the wooden/bamboo material advantage as the handle and base. Wooden/bamboo handle instead of iron which increase the stressed area of handle make it easy to move and carry, also increased aesthetics.

2 Tiers Dual Thick Line Design Fruit Basket with Wooden Handle

Modern Hand Basket with Wooden Handle


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Fruits Basket serie

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