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Yesying Egg Baskets

Egg sprial, Rooster shape egg baskets, Hen shape egg baskets, Bamboo handle oval, egg basket etc.


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Do you know the differentiate with hen and rooster shape?

Quail Egg Sprial

Add 2 Wire Of The Small Sprial,It Can Be The Quail Egg Sprial.

  • SIMPLE DESIGN   Metal wire basket in spiral shape.
  • MATERIAL Good quality metal material without corrosion in powder coating.
  • SURFACE  High quality metal wire with powder coating looks smoothly and high quality.
  • APPLICATION SCENE Farm house,duckery, hennery, home and so on

Farm & Slim Wire With Egg Baskets

Egg Basket with Wooden Handle

Metal wire holder in minimalistic style and wooden handle

Primitives Vintage Metal Wire Egg Basket

Metal wire holder in minimalistic style and handle.

Mini Round Gathering Egg Basket

Metal wire holder in minimalistic style and handle

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